Let’s Work Together

Travel is more than a passion for me. It’s a lifestyle and my job. As a full-time independent content producer, I’m very proud to be able to share travel tips in videos, photos and text for a living.

I’ve built an audience of people who both know me online and offline, from all corners of the globe. Many have been following my career journey since my days as a TV newscaster. And from the moment I launched RenataPereira.tv, I grew from 5K to 100K+ social media followers in about 12 months. On Twitter alone, I reach 300K-400K people every 3-4 days.

Here’s an example:

With this much trust comes responsibility. So I am very careful about campaigns I choose to engage and partnerships I choose to invest. I fully respect and appreciate the relationship I built with so many people who today know exactly what I’m up to and see me as a friend.

Every day I receive proposals from companies wanting me to promote their products. Unfortunately I reject 99% of the offers for not believing it’s a good fit. But when I like something, you bet I’ll love to share with the world… for free.

So if there’s an opportunity to work with brands I admire and destinations I recommend, it’s a win-win situation. And whenever this happens, you can be sure I let everyone know both here and in my social media channels.

Partnership Opportunities

So if you are looking for content producers and communications professionals to work with, this is how we can partner:

Sponsored content on RenataPereira.tv

Are you looking for a unique perspective about a given destination, product or attraction? I’ve been to so many places before launching this website, and chances are I may know your product. If not, let me do the research and interview people who do. Remember, I’m a journalist.

Traditional news outlets regularly accept sponsored content (most of the times written by PR Departments), but here I prefer to focus on my own take.

Having worked on both sides, there’s a reason I chose the one I’m now. Personal blogs create deeper connections between people, and the content remains relevant (and searchable) for years to come. If I believe in your proposal, I’ll gladly write about it.

Sponsored Videos

You can both sponsor my next video regardless of the topic or suggest I produce a specific video that would work with your brand. I focus on storytelling, not commercials. So if I believe the topic is relevant and would add value to my channel, I’ll be happy to partner with you.

I publish videos on 2 YouTube channels (English and Portuguese), Facebook, Twitter and Vine. Here they are always featured alongside a blog post and sometimes they also get picked by other news outlets and blogs.

Video storytelling has a huge potential. I have a 2009 video on YouTube from my old days as a reporter with half a million views, and it still receives new engagements every week.

Also, one of the first travel videos I created still receives thousands of views and dozens of comments every month (see below). It reached 60K+ views after 1 year, so imagine the potential from now on! This is the video:

I’m sure viewers would very much appreciate a quick information that the video was brought to them by brand “x” instead of seeing the various YouTube ads along the 10 minute story.

Press trips / Blog trips

Do you organize press trips to promote your destination? Bring me along! I’m always looking for creative ways to produce new and relevant content.

I used to organize press trips myself. As part of the Media Relations team for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, I know what it takes to successfully host such events and how to recognize a fruitful outcome. In other words, I know the real and hard work that should go along.

Experiences and Events

Would you like me to cover your travel related event or attraction? Then get in touch! And if you have travel related news, let me know too via releases@renatapereira.tv. I regularly compile various news from the travel industry that I believe travelers would like to know.

Review of travel related Products, Equipment and Accommodation

Do you provide great quality travel services that you believe more people should know about? Then let me review it! I will give an honest opinion focused on real travel needs and/or wanderlusts!

Take the W hotel in Minneapolis as an example. They cordially invited me for a stay and to try the summer bike tour they were offering. I really enjoyed the experience and featured it in a blog post and a vlog. The storytelling was so captivating that an important travel website in Brazil (Viagem Livre) decided featuring the Portuguese version of it, providing additional exposure to a whole new audience.

Minneapolis Outdoors

Minneapolis Outdoors

Posted by Renata

Brand Ambassadorship

When I find new products that tremendously help during my travels or new ways to use existing products, I’m eager to spread the news and also help other people.

Are you looking for a real traveler who uses your product and can honestly talk about it? Then get in touch!

Content production for your Website and Social Media platforms

Unless you have a team of journalists working full-time to produce daily content, you inevitably need fresh angles and new takes. Let me do the job for you!

I can produce content in English, Portuguese and Spanish, from articles to photos and videos, giving you 100% ownership of the material.

Licensing my Photos and Videos for use in your channels

Let’s say you really like one or a dozen of my photos and videos but, instead of sharing my content on your platforms and providing credits with backlinks, you’d rather use as your own, uploading directly to your account. Is that legal? Yes, as long as you license it.

All my content can be licensed for web, TV, print, etc. both partially (e.g. a single scene in a video) or in full. Feel free to get in touch to discuss rates: contact@renatapereira.tv

Advertising on RenataPereira.tv

Are you more interested in traditional banner ads or text advertising? Eager to invest on brand awareness? I’m open to that too.

Speaking Engagements

One of the things I like most is to be in front of an audience sharing information. Some of my specialties include new trends in video production and the Brazilian market.

Some examples of previous jobs:

  • Presentation on the Future of Live Video on social media, organized by Travel Massive in Austin, Texas
  • Google Hangout in preparation for the Rio Olympics, organized by the U.S. State Department
  • Media Operations during Events

    Do you organize events (seminars, conferences, sports competitions, etc. and need qualified people to handle media operations on a temporary basis?

    I’ve worked on some of the top events in the world, like the FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, Champions League, Gold Cup, Copa America, etc. Duties included setting up and moderating press conferences, and ensuring all media operations occur smoothly and according to the program.

    I have experience working with high profile personalities (from Government authorities to international celebrities and world famous players). No matter how big or small your project is, I know what it takes to make it successful from the media point of view.

    Advantages of Working with me

  • First and foremost, I’m professional. When I commit to something, you can be certain you will get it within the deadline and up to the standards expected. I honor my reputation and people’s trust. You’d be amazed to learn how many bloggers fail in this basic principle.

  • Video is my specialty. Do you think my vlogs look professional? That’s because they are professionally produced, with top of the line cameras and editing equipment.

  • I understand how to use social media. My husband and I have conduced an intense research and today we know how to get the most out of the various channels. Our approach is analytics driven, based on concrete data

  • When I partner with brands, I value the ROI. I’m not here to gamble with your investment. So you can be certain I’ll do my best to provide the best stories I can, the most effective way I can

  • Renata Pereira - Partnership Opportunities

  • I have the expertise and the experience. Yes, my website is relatively new (launched in 2015), but I used my expertise in the field to grow faster than most established blogs. My global Alexa rank jumped from 11,000,000 to less than 160,000 in 9 months; while my DA/PA went from 9/5 to 27/34 in the same time period.

    Also, as a journalist, I’ve worked with PR and content production for my whole adult life, whether as an on-camera talent, a producer, a fact-checker, a photographer/videographer, editor or media relations professional. I’ve had stories aired on CNN and Brazilian TV networks for instance. And I have concrete plans to keep growing for years to come.

  • I produce all content (including videos) in 2 languages: English and Portuguese. This is not a pure translation, as the Brazilian market is very unique and has several characteristics that need to be respected. In other words: I know the audience and I know what they are looking for. So the content has slight variations to fulfill this need.

    At first you may not have considered investing in the Brazilian market, but you’d be surprised to know that Brazilians love traveling abroad and love shopping, among other things. They are some of the top spenders in the USA for instance.

    Also, in some social media platforms I also write in Spanish (i.e. On Facebook, whenever available, I use their multilingual feature, which recognizes the browser’s original language to deliver content accordingly.

  • Some of the brands I’ve worked with

    City of Minneapolis | City of Toronto | State of Bahia (Brazil) | State of Pernambuco (Brazil) | W Hotel | Mall of America | Radisson Blu Hotel | Mobile Entertainment | Summerville Resort Porto de Galinhas | Pestana Convento do Carmo Hotel | Grand Mercure Atlante Plaza Hotel | LJB Library and Museum | Projeto Tamar | Viagem Livre | TripAdvisor | FIFA | CONCACAF | U.S State Department

    Feeling inspired or have other partnership ideas?

    Then get in touch: contact@renatapereira.tv

    I’m always open to proposals that match my lifestyle and editorial views. I can also send you my Media Kit, which contains additional information on audience, numbers, and case studies.

    Please note that all partnerships are always disclosed, and I provide an honest review on my videos and articles. Also, I don’t accept sponsored text, videos or photos produced by third parties, as my purpose is to share my own experiences and travel tips.

    My goal is to always provide a little bit of fun, entertainment and adventure together with my travel advice. Whether people are researching for their next trip or simply looking for inspiration, I want to guarantee that here they find reliable, trustworthy, and surprising information.

    Bottom line: I’m following my heart. And I’ll gladly bring everyone along.

    Thank you very much for your interest! I’m looking forward to working with you!