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11 Airport Hacks for Hassle-Free Travel

Everyone loves a holiday, but getting through the airport and onto the plane can be a bit of a struggle. It doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a bit of forward planning and careful time management.

Here are 11 expert tips to help take the hassle out of your next trip… (…)

Be bag-savvy

Travel blogger Renata Pereira’s pet peeve is being asked to check in carry-on luggage just before boarding. To avoid extra hassle, she suggests checking there’s enough space for your luggage in advance. Allowances differ between airlines, but the smallest we’ve found for hand baggage is 42cm x 32cm x 25cm with Wizz Air.


3 Days in Mall of America

Renata Pereira checks out the biggest mall in the United States!


Niagara Falls

Travel with Renata Pereira and explore Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. Renata shows us all the best views of the famous falls, from up above to up close. In this video, she also shows us that there is more to Niagara Falls than its namesake natural wonder, from vineyards to historic war memorials. Watch the video here!


Hiking the hidden gem in Rio de Janeiro

When you consider holidays in Rio de Janeiro you almost immediately picture yourself sunbathing on the beaches or visiting world famous attractions like Christ the Redeemer or Sugar Loaf. Things that should obviously be in every visitor’s agenda. What few people know is that Rio also offers many other options that would literally take your breath away. The best example is Pedra Bonita.

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The best Halloween parties in the USA

Halloween para os americanos é como o Carnaval para os brasileiros: época de se fantasiar, ir a várias festas, encontrar os amigos e se divertir. Para as crianças, tem também um quê de dia de São Cosme e São Damião, já que elas vão de porta em porta pedindo doces. Este é o Halloween tradicional, do “trick or treat” (“travessura ou gostosura” – a tradicional frase dos pequenos quando você abre a porta), mas nos últimos anos o Halloween tem se transformado numa das maiores celebrações dos Estados Unidos.
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Niagara Falls

Confira no vídeo abaixo a segunda parte da ‘road trip’ que a jornalista RenataPereira.TV fez de Austin, no Texas, a Las Vegas, em Nevada; foram mais de 20 horas passando por muitos lugares bacanas; confira